Riderz Planet is all about augmenting the joy of riding. Founded in 2015, we are proud to be India’s first motorcycle superstore offering an array of motorcycle riding gear, accessories, motorcycle parts, helmets and safety gear.

To some motorcycling is a stress-buster, to others it is their everyday companion. However, protection has to be vital. In all our motorbike rides, we have kept it prime. It was during one of those rides, the idea of opening a store was brought up casually. Giving it a serious thought, we realized limited access to bigger and better brands was our affliction too. Being huge fans of having fun on wheels, we decided to set up a store offering high quality riding gear and harmonizing the practice of safe riding.

Riderz Planet brings world-class products accessible to its customers through intriguing in-store and online shopping experience. It is every rider’s most trusted and preferred destination to shop. We endeavor to bring best international brands and finest technology to the Indian riding community. Riderz Planet is riders’ haven. Befriend safety for life.