How to tie a D-ring helmet

Looking at the image, do you still believe tying a D-ring helmet is difficult? Let’s understand how easy it can be to fasten one. While riding, it’s always safety first, isn’t it? We choose the safest bike, safest jacket, best pants and sturdiest helmet. There is a huge collection of brands offering variations in safety levels. Though all focus on protection but the lock of the D-ring helmet is more secure than a quick release buckle.D-ring helmet has two metal [...]


Motorcyclists point two fingers down, why?

While riding on the serene roads of Germany with my buddies, I noticed a biker riding on the opposite lane who raised a two finger wave to us. Some of us waved back to him but some didn’t understand what the anonymous rider actually meant. It got me thinking, how many of us are actually aware of the ‘two-finger biker wave?’ And even if some are, how many actually practice it when they see other riders? When thinking of a [...]


Guide to buying a right size helmet

On a helmet shopping spree? Before actually buying the helmet, make sure you invest a few minutes reading how you can choose the best one with nothing to regret later. No matter how cool the design is, if it doesn’t fit right, it’s not for you. The helmet should neither be too tight nor too loose, any of these calls for a problem.Check the head size firstMeasuring your head size is the foremost and a crucial step for buying [...]


Best riding jeans with added protection

There is nothing enthralling like the joy of riding a motorbike. Riding on the alien lanes, leaving a gush of wind behind and heading to known and unknown destinations- one badass guy you are! The energy is high and so comes with it higher level of responsibility. The commitment to your safety while you jaunt on your wheelie. Riding is a serious passion. It requires you to arm yourself with the right kind of protection gear.While you have already [...]