How to tie a D-ring helmet

How to tie a D-ring helmet

Looking at the image, do you still believe tying a D-ring helmet is difficult? Let’s understand how easy it can be to fasten one.

While riding, it’s always safety first, isn’t it? We choose the safest bike, safest jacket, best pants and sturdiest helmet. There is a huge collection of brands offering variations in safety levels. Though all focus on protection but the lock of the D-ring helmet is more secure than a quick release buckle.

How to tie a D-ring helmet

D-ring helmet has two metal rings on one strap of the helmet linked through a tape and a simple strap with a push button on the other tape.

D-ring helmet

To use it, first pass the strap through both the rings and then round and through the center of the first d-ring.

tieing D-ring helmet

Now, pull it lightly. This forms a slip-knot around the D-ring which is fully adjustable and can be pulled easily. One can use the red strip to tighten the belt.

Now, close the push button so that the loose strap does not flutter and cause irritation.

D-ring locks are strong, reliable and easily adjustable, but difficult to loosen till you get the hang of it. To open, you just need to pull both the rings apart and the knot loosens up. Mostly all latest helmet models come with an attached red tab, pulling it also releases the D-ring.

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