Guide to buying a right size helmet

Guide to buying a right size helmet

On a helmet shopping spree? Before actually buying the helmet, make sure you invest a few minutes reading how you can choose the best one with nothing to regret later. No matter how cool the design is, if it doesn’t fit right, it’s not for you. The helmet should neither be too tight nor too loose, any of these calls for a problem.

Check the head size first

Measuring your head size is the foremost and a crucial step for buying a helmet. When at a motorcycling superstore, do not hesitate to ask for a measuring tape to get your exact size. Stores such as Riderz Planet have specially designed tape that helps to find out the accurate size of the helmet one should buy. To check your head size, wrap the tape around the head just above the eyebrows and the ears. Once you have your head size with you, the store is all yours to explore the enormous collection.

What is the right fit?

Before buying the one that caught your eye, make sure you try it on right at the store. You can wear it for a few minutes; familiarize yourself with its inner lining comfort, the feel of the chin strap and the visor. The helmet should hug your face but should be comfortable at the same time. To get an idea of an ideal fit, it should be tight on your cheeks but should not hurt your temples. A helmet that is a size bigger will wobble while riding which too can cause discomfort considering the air pressure levels you have to face on your machine. These oversized helmets also provide more space to wind to run around which causes greater noise and in some cases constant use can be a reason to causing deafness. One can also ensure the right size by pulling off the helmet without actually unstrapping it; if it stays in its position, it’s your size.

 It is usually assumed by riders that the helmet that offers a little space around the head is ‘the one’, but the fact is the perfect size helmet is the one which would not allow space even for your fingers to fit between your head and the helmet. You can try on this simple test when buying the right size helmet. A right size helmet will be difficult to push in first but will sit perfectly on your head when broken in.

What are the sizes offered?

Most helmet brands offered at Riderz Planet come in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. Though every brand has its own size guidelines, the basic criterion to identify the right size remains the same. Apart from these standard sizes, there are a few brands which offer MS and ML size too. Do not shy away from trying on different sizes of various brands before making the actual purchase.

A moto geek at Riderz Planet will assure you get your hand on the perfect helmet for the greatest adventure; your life. 

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