Best riding jeans with added protection

Best riding jeans with added protection

There is nothing enthralling like the joy of riding a motorbike. Riding on the alien lanes, leaving a gush of wind behind and heading to known and unknown destinations- one badass guy you are! The energy is high and so comes with it higher level of responsibility. The commitment to your safety while you jaunt on your wheelie. Riding is a serious passion. It requires you to arm yourself with the right kind of protection gear.

While you have already invested in a suitable helmet and a comfortable riding jacket, did you forget about your below the waist protection? It is as important as any other body part and equally prone to injury. Investing in best riding jeans ensures added protection while you stride through the expanse of natural beauty. Jeans are biker’s ally since ages and with some transformations they are now the favourite bike to bar wear for them. Among other riding jeans brands, Bikeratti has emerged to be a premium biking protective style wear brand. The brand believes in empowering motorcyclists with the confidence to explore the vastness on their wheelie while keeping comfort and protection at core. They understand the Indian weather variations and have come up with high-quality riding denims most suitable for Indian riders.

Let’s analyse why Bikeratti qualifies to be the best riding jeans with added protection

Tough, abrasion resistant inner lining

100% DuPont Kevlar fibre lining in high abrasion and impact areas makes Bikeratti denim a great choice for riding on the rude roads. Reinforced protection reduces the chances of tearing during any mishap.

Ultra fortifying impact negators

The CE approved Level 2 knee and Level 1 hip protectors from D3O,keep you safe during a slide or impact. They are a great blend of comfort and protection, giving you movement flexibility even while riding.

12oz stretch denim

A combination of 97% organic cotton and 3% spandex gives an impeccable fit and ease of movement to a rider. Sized accurately, these riding jeans are constructed to give you finest non-binding fit.

Flexi ribbed stretch panels

The endurance-pro elastics on the rear of the waist and above the knee provides extreme flexibility and comfort, on and off the motorbike. Without compromising on the design element, it is one of those pair you want to be seen wearing.

Metal hull buttons and rivets

These tiny metal pieces are strong enough to hold the denim at places where it experiences maximum strain and movement, thereby making it last longer.

It cannot be denied that a pair of high-quality riding jeans can hurt your wallet, but it is an investment assuming it will last a number of years. Do not forget it is going to hurt more in a road rash than buying a riding jeans with added protection.

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